A Drake & a Walkabout on the Firth of Forth

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A Drake & a Walkabout on the Firth of Forth

Osbert Lancaster 2756
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With only two boats I should either feel inadequate (only two!) or smug (that I haven't succumbed to more).

My Walkabout which I finished building in 2010

Drake which I finished building last year.

Where's Selkie?

I mainly sail and row in the Firth of Forth, but these photos are from my trips on the Sail Caledonia raid along the Great Glen (more photographers around then).


image1.JPG (247K) <http://forum.dinghycruising.org.uk/attachment/59/0/image1.JPG>
image2.JPG (134K) <http://forum.dinghycruising.org.uk/attachment/59/1/image2.JPG>
"Selkie", a Drake rowing boat by Clint Chase
"Scratch", a Walkabout dinghy by John Welsford
Mainly sailing and rowing on the Firth of Forth