Bala Rally July 2016

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Bala Rally July 2016

Lyndon Bodger 2931
North West Region
Bala Rally

The Bala Rally has been arranged for Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2016.
Bala SC ( ) have again agreed to our using their facilities with a charge of £10 for a daily membership.
The plan is to meet up at Bala SC at about 10.00, on previous rallies we have sailed to the southern end of the lake and beached up for a picnic lunch then returned to the club either by a direct or less direct route according to individual preference.
There is a good campsite located conveniently for the sailing club – see Pen y Bont Touring Park ( )  
Bala itself has pubs with good beer and food.
Previous events have been very enjoyable and hopefully this one will be likewise.
For further details please contact organisers:
Lyn Bodger  0773 619 7995
Mike Hinsley 0151 336 3972
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Re: Bala Rally July 2016

Keith Muscott 1516
Congratulations to Lyn for unobtrusively and efficiently sorting us out on this rally and keeping tabs on us all. Ditto Mike Hinsley.

Saturday's horrendous winds kept us off the water, but all was forgiven on Sunday, two days ago, when we travelled the length of the lake and back in sunshine and a perfect strong sailing breeze, stopping for lunch at the beach from which the high performance cats sail. (Comic moment from our time on the water: watching two lads on a huge cat with all sail up including spinnaker pass us towing a 'lost' empty sea kayak back from one side of the lake to the other at 15 knots+. They should all go that fast, under double paddle.)

What a superb day, with a satisfyingly big group of disparate DCA boats in attendance.

Saturday's weather didn't affect the great company, either, and Bala Sailing Club has now become very cosmopolitan – nay, international – as they put on a Moroccan evening with appropriate background music, which took us back to Rick's Club in Casablanca. The food was terrific, not to mention the belly dancer.

(I said not to mention the belly dancer.)

As Rick himself may have said, 'We'll always have Bala ...'