Border Reivers Rally May 10th – 15th

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Border Reivers Rally May 10th – 15th

Keith Muscott 1516
This is Bill Haylock's rally and he has just told me that we will be a small but select band if numbers remain stable. So I would like to give it a push: Kielder Water 10th - 11th May, then moving on to Loch Lomond, 12th - 15th May.

Kielder Water is always a delight, with good Club facilities and a huge stretch of water to frolic on. Loch Lomond offers two campsites close together; the 'official' rally one is Sallochy, with its resident unsleeping cloud of midges and the infamous long drop self-composter with the immortal words posted above it, 'Drop your iPhone down here and you're on your own'. But if you are not man enough for that, there is a softies site with hot showers and moorings for boats a little further back along the shore road. Some may be attending one but not both of the two venues, and that's all right, too.

In any case, there will be no need to drive stolen cattle over the border while waving a broadsword and wearing a steel bonnet; sailing your boat and enjoying the cameraderie will suffice.

MOST IMPORTANT: Discuss your plans with Bill first and don't just turn up cold.