Challenge Naviguer Léger - south Brittany

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Challenge Naviguer Léger - south Brittany

Roger Barnes 936
ADDITIONAL RALLY NOTICE: “Light Navigation” in southern Brittany.

22-25 June 2017 Port la Foret, Brittany.

Le Chasse-Marée have invited the DCA to participate in a “Light Navigation Rally” for sailing dinghies in the south of Brittany. Each boat will carry camping gear for her crew, and most of the crews of the French boats will be camping ashore each night. Camping locations have been organised, and doubtless also restaurants (this being a French rally). The route will take us to Loctudy, the lovely Iles de Glénan and Pont Aven. There are no accompanying rescue boats, so each boat needs to be self-sufficient. It is a sail and oar rally and will have stages (for instance passages upriver) that should be taken under oars.

Day 1, Port la Foret to Loctudy
Day 2, Loctudy to les Iles de Glénan
Day 3, Glénan to Pont Aven
Day 4, Pont Aven to Port la Foret

"Rendezvous 22 June for 4 days of sea navigation in good company”.

If you are interested, in the first instance contact DCA president Roger Barnes:, as soon as possible.

Roger Barnes
Dinghy Cruising Association