Dinghy Cruising 236, Winter Journal 2017/2018, and Lough Erne Rally

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Dinghy Cruising 236, Winter Journal 2017/2018, and Lough Erne Rally

Keith Muscott 1516
I dropped off this Winter issue with the printer early last Tuesday, January 2nd.

I know they started on it right away, so you should all be receiving it soon, possibly within a week, though I don't like pestering them for exact dates of completion.

Please start sending me any material you have for the 2018 Spring edition. Don't delay sending me your rally programmes too, once you've decided them at the area planning meetings.

Lough Erne Rally, Northern Ireland, first two weeks in July, 2018
 The information in DC236 is tentative, as you will see, but all can now be confirmed definitely – I have bought my ferry ticket! (40% off with STENA, on New Year's Eve!)

Tom Bailey of LE Yacht Club affirmed my dates just prior to going racing in a J24 event on New Year's Day, and enthusing about the winter wildlife on the lough. 'The DCA is always welcome!'

There has been some really encouraging enthusuastic interest shown in this year's rally already – read the two reports in DC236 and my full paragraph in the rallies section for 2018, for more information. Email me if there are any further questions. More online discussion will be encouraged closer to the event.