Hello all - I am a new member

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Hello all - I am a new member

Patrick Hay 3474
Hi all,
My name is Patrick.  I live in Northern France not far from the Somme Bay, which is a rather difficult place to sail as for a lot of the time there is little or no water, and for much of the rest of the time it is either flooding in or pouring out at a scary rate.

Coming from a family of sailing enthusiasts, I started sailing in my father's open boat at Whitby, where I was told I was, at the age of 7, the youngest member of Whitby Yacht Club.  As I grew older I got experience sailing a variety of dinghies, crewing on board larger cruising and racing yachts, and later owning and sailing a succession of craft of my own.  

Boats owned have included Enterprise and Miracle dinghies, a traditional 12 ft lugsail skiff, 3 GRP cruising keelboats from 23 up to 31ft, two home built plywood sailing prams, a handful of sailboards (middle-age crisis, probably) and my current boat, a 1963 Tricorn cruising dinghy which I restored to sailing condition from a very neglected state.  

After following the DCA forum and Facebook posts for some time I became mildly hooked on the idea taking part in some DCA events, so I joined the club.  As I am now fed up of working for a living I have decided not to do it any more - and to try to get away sailing a bit more often.

I hope to meet some of you on the water soon.


"Salvo" -  1963 Tricorn dinghy designed for coastal cruising
Conchil Le Temple
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Re: Hello all - I am a new member

Michael Wilkinson 3461
Welcome from another new member.  I joined this summer and am on only my second dinghy - and the first one only ever had 3 outings - so I'm a novice.  I have found the club very friendly and helpful, and not judgemental of novice mistakes or naive questions.

The traffic in this forum can sometimes be fairly slow and I often find that I get more and quicker responses to questions on the Facebook page.  This is probably because people go to Facebook for other reasons and notice the DCA posts while they're there, but you have to make a special visit to the DCA forum.

You will also find some excellent videos on YouTube - in particular, Roger Barnes's inspiring videos about his voyages in his traditionally-built and rigged dinghy.
Cornish Cormorant S/N 27.  Living between Grantham and Newark.  Member of Wanlip SC, Leics.