Honda BF5 5hp standard shaft outboard engine and 12L tank

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Honda BF5 5hp standard shaft outboard engine and 12L tank

Steve Shone 3398
Having just sold my Cape Cutter 19 to an Australian buyer I’m left with the Honda BF5  5hp standard shaft outboard that I used on it. It’s too big for my replacement boat which came with a suitable engine anyway. I bought the Honda new in May 2014 from Viking Marine, Goole, and since then it’s only use (fresh water) has been to manoeuvre the boat on and off the jetties and moorings on Kielder Water reservoir . In 2016 I sailed only four times due to bad weather and other commitments - hence the change of boat to something smaller. As a result the engine hours are minimal. I couldn’t begin to estimate what they are but the engine had only just started sipping from its second 12 litre tank of fuel at the start of 2016 and most of the first tank went into the lawnmower after the end of the 2015 season.
The engine is in virtually new condition. it’s never been run above half throttle and comes with original documents/manual/receipt for £1144 and tool kit. The prop is unmarked, as in the type of boat it was used in it was in no danger of ever touching the ground being protected by the rudder and skeg.
Naturally it comes with its fuel tank and line and If I get the asking price, or very close to it, I’ll include a top quality stainless steel outboard lock by OML Ltd, fitted with an IFAM lock, with it.
Looking for £825.00. Collection from Skidby, East Yorkshire unless mutually agreeable, alternative arrangements can be made. My usual sailing ground is Kielder.


Steve and Eileen - ex-Dabber sailors, almost ex-Cape Cutter 19 sailors, now Lune Whammel Coastal Weekender sailors. Based in East Yorkshire and looking forward to some DCA rallies.