How do I join the DCA Forum?

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How do I join the DCA Forum?

Osbert Lancaster 2756
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Anyone can view this forum, but you need to be a member to be able to post in it (except for replying to Members Ads - see below).

If you aren't already a paid up member of the DCA, go to and follow the instructions there to join. Once you have been given your membership number, come back here.

If you are a paid up member of the DCA, register via the link on this page - top right. So that the administrators know who you are you must create your user id in this format:
Firstname Lastname Membernumber - e.g. Osbert Lancaster 2756.

Once you are Registered (i.e. have received the automated email and have clicked on the link contained in it), we will check your name and membership number against the membership records and if everything is in order will approve you as a Member of the DCA Forum. This process is only semi-automated, and may not be immediate, especially if you have joined the DCA recently. The forum admins are volunteers - like all DCA officers. Please be patient.

While you are waiting for your membership of the forum to be approved, why not edit your profile? In particular:
- create the signature that will be shown at the bottom of all your posts (we suggest: your boats; your sailing areas; your blog etc; see example below).
- add a picture to replace the grey faceless person (you or your boat?)
To do this, make sure you are logged in - your name will show top right - click your name, select "account settings" and follow the links on that page. Don't forget to save if a 'save' button is shown!

If your membership is approved automatically, you won't get an email - but you will know you are approved because when you are logged in you will now see the private forum: DCA Business & Announcements. Otherwise you will receive an email once your membership of the forum has been approved.

Once you are a member of the forum you will be able to:
- Post and reply to messages in almost all areas of the forum.
- Edit messages you have created.
- See a list of other forum members.
- Send Private Messages to other members of the forum. Note that the forum software cloaks a user's real email address so that remains private to all except the forum administrators.
- Create a poll, perhaps to help choose a date or venue for a rally.

If you just want to reply to a Members Ad, just register via the link above, and state why you want access if prompted.

Members should note that the list of Forum Members will be compared annually to the list of paid up DCA members. Those who haven't renewed their subscription will no longer be able to post in the forum. If your user name is not in the required format it will be difficult to tell if you are a paid up member - you might be removed in error.
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