JIBI -- A French fan of GIS

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JIBI -- A French fan of GIS

Hello all DCA members
I Just join the DCA to exchange with British/US/al-over-the-world Boat fans.
I am 69 (already ! ) ex financial manager (last job in Zambia) , living in a village 5 miles N of La Rochelle . I am also the treasurer of the "Voiles et avirons dans les Pertuis" an assoc with "sail and oars" boats based in Port-Neuf ( a suburb of La Rochelle)
I Build a Goat Island Skiff (GIS) in 2013 called TAKKA which I enjoyed very much .
Besides , she looks like our "Plates" and is confortable in our waters  ( Ré -Oléron - AIX ) despite a tendancy to "slam" in the waves due to her flat sole .
I might go to your "Irish raid" with this boat ... and/or  meet the DCA folks driving down to La Rochelle in September 2018.
French - age 69 -living near La Rochelle (France)
Builder/User in 2013 of a Goat Island Skiff named TAKKA.
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Re: JIBI -- A French fan of GIS

Patrick Hay 3474
Hello Jibi
I like the GIS.  It looks like a fast and capable boat with an interesting rig.  I have built two plywood sailing dinghies and also renovated many other boats.  I am British but I have lived  for 17 years  in France (and worked here for some of that time). I am now retired.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and some of your voile-aviron colleagues when I bring my boat to the Charente Maritime in September.

"Salvo" -  1963 Tricorn dinghy designed for coastal cruising
Conchil Le Temple