Launching at Mylor, near Falmouth

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Launching at Mylor, near Falmouth

Alastair Law 2624
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From: David Platten <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 14:58
Subject: Fwd: Re conversation with Alastair Law, DCA, at RYA dinghy show
To: <>

I have just received a very helpful and interesting email from Brian
Phipps, of Windsport International, based at Mylor Harbour, Falmouth, a
copy of which I attach here. The DCA  SW region has a rally on the Fal,
scheduled for 20/21 July 2019, evening rendezvous at the Pandora Inn,
Restronguet Creek, and for which I am the co-ordinator. For anyone
thinking of launching from the public slipway at Mylor Yacht Harbour - likely to
be very busy, and with car/trailer parking a 15min. walk from the slip -
the facilities Brian is offering us at very reasonable cost, look very
appealing! Given that Windsport has its own commitments that w/e, it
would be courteous, I think, to give them as much notice as possible of likely
numbers of cars and/or boats hoping to use the facilities. Obviously it's
a bit early in the year to be making a firm commitment now, re the rally,
but hopefully, those planning to attend would be able to let me know in good
time so that I can pass the information on to Brian. Quite possibly,
also, members wanting to explore the Fal might like to use Windsport's
facilities, instead of the public slipway, on an individual basis on
other dates. Contact details are attached as a JPG scan of Brian's business
card, kindly sent to me by Alastair Law, who spoke with him at the RYA Dinghy
show earlier this month.

Hopefully this is all of interest to members - and I apologise if this
ends up in the wrong postings category, techno-dunce that I am!
David Platten

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From: Brian Phipps <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 11:25
Subject: RE: Re conversation with Alastair Law, DCA, at RYA dinghy show
To: <>
Cc: Windsport International <>

Hi David many thx for your email.

Windsport Falmouth is situated right behind Restronquet SC with our boat
park and slipway  just to the right as you look north.

We provide  car and trailer parking short and long term.  Our boat park
slipway is primary used for beach launched  small boats on hand trollies
although we do launch and recover larger craft like Cornish Shrimpers
the tide is suitable. The launch is across the beach at the bottom of
slipway.  (Facility picture attached)  We can launch and recover at any
state of the tide although easiest between high mins 3 hours or low plus
hours.  The tide times that week are :-

1)      We are just coming off spring tides

2)      High tide Saturday  approx. 8.00am high -2.00pm low  moving
by an hour each day.

Unfortunately we also have a catamaran regatta from Windsport  on those
dates so already have some other commitments this time  around.

We understand the hassle and logistics of  launching and recovering from
the public slipway  specially when the weather is good and there are so
many boats trying to do the same thing and it only gets more busy. If we
can offer some help with those logistics you are welcome.

So what can we offer this time  if you wish .

*From the Windsport  location.*

1)      We can provide road trailer parking during your stay.

2)      We can provide a grass area to rig and launch from.

3)      We can provide launch and recovery from our Windsport slipway

4)       We can provide car parking

5)      If you want temporary member ship of Restronquet sailing club
facilities that can be arranged.

Trailer and car parking per day £8 per day ( shore based small boat
parking not included, it is presumed boats will be berthed on MYH

Boat, trailer and car parking £13 per day (small boat parking in
boat park area included)

Tractor assisted launch and recovery if required via Windsport slipway
£5.00 each way per boat.

*From the Mylor Harbour public slipway location *

1)      Windsport launch and recovery of trailers from Public slipway at
the start and end of your event,  trailers towed to Windsport.  £15

2)      Cars and trailer park at Windsport during stay. £8 per day .

It is presumed boats will be berthed on MYH pontoons
Sail when you can, row when you must, motor only
when you have to be at work in the morning.

Alastair Law
Yeovil, England.
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Re: Launching at Mylor, near Falmouth

Jez Searle
Hi. I will confirm closer to the time but I am interested in exploring that area.
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Re: Launching at Mylor, near Falmouth

David Platten 2616
I'm intending to try launching from Windsport's facility sometime next month, and will then post my opinion of the location.  Regards, David