Not sure whether to post here or in the discussion forums? The libraries are to gather together pictures and diagrams so they are easy to browse and view:
- Post here if the main point is to share the images
- Post in the relevant discussion forum if you are just using images to illustrate your text.

See the FAQs for help with photos etc.
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The place for your very best photos that capture the very essence of dinghy cruising. 10 27
Frank Raisin 2892 by Frank Raisin 2892
Photos and videos of rallies. Start a new topic for each collection - include the location and date in the subject line. To add more photos of the same event, please do so by replying to the existing topic; this will keep all the photos in the same thread. 15 27
Rik van der Vaart 3365 by Rik van der Vaart 33...
Drawings, diagrams and technical files. Start a new topic for each collection. Image files (jpg, png, gif etc) will appear as images, pdfs will be shown as a link to the actual pdf file. Relevant videos (Youtube only) can also be embedded. 3 7
Jude Miller 3515 by Jude Miller 3515