Lune rally, 8-9 July 2017

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Lune rally, 8-9 July 2017

John Hughes 2457
Is anyone planning or considering to attend the DCA Lune rally at the weekend of 8th-9th July? I would like to know if there is any interest in this rally. Brian Hill, who is listed as coordinator, is unfortunately unable to attend. I would appreciate if anyone interested would get in touch as soon as possible. I would like to give Glasson Sailing Club some idea of numbers and, if none, then cancel the rally.

This is a tidal venue with launching and recovery within two hours of high water in the estuary. HW (Glasson) is about midday on Saturday 8th, and 12h40 on Sunday 9th. Glasson Sailing Club very generously offers us camping in their secure boat pound, full use of their clubhouse facilities, and launches and recovers our boats using their designated launching vehicle (with no limit to boat size!)

The Lune offers sheltered sailing all the way up to Lancaster. Navigation farther upstream is limited by mast height under a bridge. The easy option is to sail up with the flood and down with the ebb (stemming the tide without an engine would be challenging). There are sheltered anchorages for anyone wishing to sleep aboard.
Photos from last year's rally.

Please get in touch if you are (even only vaguely) considering attending.

Best regards,

John Hughes
NW Regional Secretary
0151 632 0178
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Re: Lune rally, 8-9 July 2017

Matthew Didcote 3462
Hi John

Sorry for not responding sooner - only just seen this.  I'm definitely interested.  Is it still on?

I'd probably just go for the one day, camping the night before launch.  The forecast is inconclusive at the moment, but there's very likely a force 5-6 around somewhere in the vicinity this weekend (and some rain), when and where it's going to hit exactly is yet to become clear so I'd wait and see how that pans out before deciding which day.

I'm guessing you would use that 4 hour launching window (2h +/- HW) to get up to Lancaster and back down again?  Seems quite feasible, it looks just over 5 miles from Glasson into Lancaster, so it shouldn't be difficult, especially with a decent tide in your favour.

I'd take the outboard this time because even though most of it seems sailable, the river looks quite tight so you might well find yourself turning a corner and being up against a strong wind without much room to manoeuvre!