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Mark D
Mark Darley here as a new member.  I grew up in Keyhaven and Lymington sailing and racing all sorts of dinghies, then bigger boats up to 100 tons with blue water experience.  I have returned to the immediate pleasures of being closer to the water, and being able to haul a boat up on a beach and explore up rivers.

I currently have a Salterns Tela on Tomales Bay in northern California where I have lived for the last 30 years.
I now return to Devon for summers where I currently have a Memory 19 but I am buying a Swallow Bayraider (Epoxy ply version) as a rowable trailer sailor. We took Gimli, the Memory 19, to Le Semaine du Golfe in 2017 and had a blast.

I am entered in the Sail Caledonia Raid for 2018 with the Bayraider and two brothers as crew.
We would have gone to Venice for the raid there but (if it actually runs) it seems to directly clash with the arrival of guests at our house in Devon.

I am looking at other cruising options for the year which include:
Gothenburg area of Sweden (a very long drive but a friend has offered a cabin),
North western rias of Spain
and Brittany (easy access from Plymouth).  

And we are very curious about cruising the loughs of Ireland, especially the southern Irish loughs, and possibly a warmer protected part of the coast.  (The UK tax man likes us to leave the UK for a couple of weeks each summer so Northern Ireland is out for now.) I was hoping that the Irish Raid of 2012 would be rerun, but no signs so far.

All of this cruising would be daysailing with a cabin ashore as my wife likes to have a warm dry bed at the end of the day (I don't dislike it either!). I am equipping the Bayraider with a tent cabin, so one or two overnights on board in fair weather is not completely out of the question.

Any and all experiences of cruising these areas with suggestions for best time of the summer, best loughs/ rias/bays suited to small boats would be greatly appreciated.  Yes, I am combing the forum for past posts but current info is always good.

If anyone finds them selves in Northern California and fancies a sail on Guinevere on a beautiful quiet bay, let me know.


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Re: New Member introduction

Michael Wilkinson 3461
Welcome.  What an incredibly beautiful boat.

Traffic in this forum can sometimes be slow, but you will always get good responses to questions.

There is also plenty of general chat an banter on the DCA's Facebook page.
Cornish Cormorant S/N 27.  Living between Grantham and Newark.  Member of Wanlip SC, Leics.