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New member - Hello from North Wales

This is my second try at joining the DCA. My first attempt was in Scotland just after buying my first bargain wayfarer where I planned to join you somewhere on the Kyles of Bute, but actually snapped the centre board while trying the boat out a few days earlier. (Not capsizing, just sailing I hasten to add. I can report that the wayfarer sails surprisingly well without a centre board, though it was a good deal wetter across up wind and slides sideways a bit, which messed up my ability to lay a course!) We fixed the boat, but missed your meet.

After that I bought a younger bargain wayfarer world, but this one had been a centre boat and had been thoroughly bashed around. The deck was not well attached to the hull, which is pretty serious in this design as that allowed water into the buoyancy. That started a long repair, which sort of petered out although only rigging work is needed to finish it for sailing at least. Cruising would need more work. I can't imagine sleeping on a boat as tiny as the wayfarer at the moment, but seeing as some of you manage on a mirror... perhaps I will get there over time.

Then I saw some of Roger's videos on youtube and have been re-inspired.

I have sailed at Port Dinorwic Sailing club for years, but very very rarely venture more than a short distance from the club and never out of safety cover. But I do want to sail in new places, just not on my own really, at least not yet. Hopefully the DCA will give me more courage and experience.

I am heavily involved with the scouts and with the canoe club, so do not have a lot of time left over, so may not make it to many events.

All the best