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Alg Bennett 3435
My name is Alg and my wife is Lesley.

We have quite recently got into sailing having had a few dinghy sailing holidays and also enjoy kayaking and outdoors in general. A couple of years ago I built a CLC Sport Tandem sea kayak, changed it quite a bit and we love it.

A sail was quickly a natural progression and so firstly a small downwind pop up sail proved good (but hard to pack away while on the move) and then we moved into converting it into trimaran based again around the Sailrigh idea from CLC but again hugely changed.

When paddling we always use some small outrigger floats the kayak is fast but tippy and my neck and back are not up to binning it.

We now have a lightly stayed mast with an RS200 jib, trampolines for Lesley to sit out on and loads of fun whether there is wind or not. We also have other configurations with old windsurf masts using one or two at a time depending on conditions and how stupid we feel.

We've really got into the sailing side and so I bought an old ISO dinghy with laods of spares with a view to converting it into a small trimaran as I am often not too mobile for such a tippy powerful boat.

I am partway through that and just got into testing it with the first outrigger, so essentially a proa at the moment while I get final dimensions sorted.

Plan is then to sail it using the aluminium box section horrible looking frame while I build my own design replacement main hull which we will be able to use as dinghy, proa or trimaran depending on what we want to do.

Here are a few videos of the kaymaran and skiffamran projects, I am trying to sort some pics to put on a website over the coming months.

kayak and ISO videos

This is the first over christmas to get basic ride height and angles sorted:

From that test I have made some mods to hopefully trial this weekend but the weather looks appalling.

We are also joining Lymington Town Sailing Club next month so we can be based there as currently we are sailing in Mudeford which is great for the kaymaran but we keep hitting the sandbanks even at high tide in the new project. Lesley has had enough of face planting into the spaceframe and finishing a nice scoot around black and blue and bleeding. Quite a lot.

Works calms down after today so I am planning on getting stuck into the changes and improvements and getting to one of the next South group meetings just to meet people initially then bring along one of the boats in the late spring when they should be good to go after the various changes/upgrades.

So, we are very much novices and no experience of sailing on the sea apart from a short island hop in a Bahia in Turkey last year which was great and our first spinnaker experience which we really enjoyed.

Looking forward to getting involved and improving so we can get onto doing the Round the Island trip when we are sufficiently good ie not the liabilities we currently are....