Nice trailers, nice prices - where’s the catch?

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Nice trailers, nice prices - where’s the catch?

Patrick Hay 3474
I just bought a very nice new road trailer for “Salvo”, my 16’6” Illingworth & Primrose designed Tricorn cruising dinghy.  As I am very satisfied with the quality and value for money, I thought it might be useful to pass on the details.

The trailer is of galvanised steel construction with winch, lighting, keel and side rollers, tilting “breakback” pivot, certificate of conformity, etc.  It is suitable for boats of 5m, though I reckon the available adjustments make it OK for up to around 5.25m.  750kg all up inc trailer so it will carry over 500kg.

Price inclusive of tax?  Less than 1000 Euros.  That is less than 900 Sterling!  I shopped around and found no comparable trailer at such a reasonable price.

Here’s the catch - you have to go to Holland to get it.  See this website

Sander Lagerweij who runs the business speaks English and is efficient and welcoming.

"Salvo" -  1963 Tricorn dinghy designed for coastal cruising
Conchil Le Temple