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Keith Muscott 1516

'Easy to work with hand or machine tools. However, Parana Pine has a tendency to warp and distort during drying, and compression wood may be present in the wood, which cause boards to further distort after ripping or resawing. Glues and finishes well. 
So named for the Brazilian state of Parana, where the wood has been heavily exploited in the past.
It is listed as critically endangered due to a population reduction of over 80% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in its natural range, and exploitation.
Rated as non-durable to perishable; poor insect resistance.
 Extensively logged in the past, Parana Pine is very seldom available. Expect prices to be much higher than comparable domestic softwoods.

From Good Old WIKIPEDIA:

'Although the common names in various languages refer to the species as a "pine", it does not belong in the genus Pinus.
Covered an original area of 233,000 square kilometres (90,000 sq mi) ... it has now lost an estimated 97% of its habitat to logging, agriculture, and silviculture. People also eat the fruit and seeds, which reduces propagation. It is therefore listed as critically endangered...'