The Last Sauna Sail?

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The Last Sauna Sail?

Frank Raisin 2892
for Aussies, this iconic mid-winter regatta that has been going for over half a century took a hit when the government turned off the Power that was warming the lake for the dinghy racers - but I had fond hopes that the rise of Dinghy Cruising could see the Queens Birthday long weekend become a Softies meet......
Consider - we don't ordinarily dunk ourselves so water temp is less an issue.
The Club (the Latrobe Valley Yacht Club) is an excellent host - laid back but organized, well established - and has eats, including bacon and egg sangers for brekkie available.  
There is an extensive camping area with beach and campfires for any sized group are possible!

I had in mind a "Softies Meet for Hardcore Beach Cruiser (Wannabees)"

But now they are talking about pulling the plug on the lake and returning it to farmland .......

Well I will be taking my 'Big dinghy with a lid and comfy chair and tea-making facilities' and also a fire brazier and some firewood and some comfort beverage and see if something can't be salvaged from the situation.
I will have a spare chair and "glass" for a drop-in ....... But, hey! If there are other souls of a like inclination who would like to join me and build something for the future let's meet up.
I am sure we could spontaneously organise some fun activities - not "Racing" but some non-serious rivalry, demonstrations and rubbernecking others boats and gizmos and general conviviality is hoped for.