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Water Craft Magazine: Join the Club

Keith Muscott 1516

The arrival of Water Craft on my doormat always means that Pete Greenfield will be emailing me a week later to sort out another 1,000-word piece with 3/4 good resolution photographs for his 'Join the Club' section near the back of his publication.

These days I'm usually proactive and contact DCA members when I have enjoyed something they have submitted for Dinghy Cruising, offering to precis it for them, down to 1,000 words.

As I am off to Coniston Water this Thursday, to return a week today (Monday) I have no time to make the usual overtures, but if anyone wishes to email me a piece to process, in time for me to read it at the start of next week, that would be fine. Pete wants the material by the end of next week at the latest. If there is nothing to work with I'll let him know that we will pass this time.

Best wishes to all,