<override_macro name="start_registration_page" requires="servlet">

            <n.title.><t>Register to <></t></n.title.>
            <div class="center-content">
                <h1 class="weak-color"><t>Register to use the DCA Forum</t></h1>
                <t><b>Please create your username in this format: Firstname Lastname MembershipNumber, for example "Joan Doe 7123" </b></t>
                <p><t>Once you have registered, a Forum admin will check your name and membership number against the membership records and if everything is in order will approve you as a member of the DCA Forum. This process is only semi-automated and will not be immediate, especially if you have only joined the DCA recently. Please be patient!</t></p>
                <p><b>Non members please use a membership number of 0000, for example "John Smith 0000"</b></p>


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                        <div class="weak-color" style="margin-top:1em;text-align:center;">
                            <input type="submit" class="toolbar action-button" value="[t]Register Now[/t]"/>